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Hi, I'm Iljitsch van Beijnum. I'm employed as a network architect these days, but I still do a little writing and consulting on the side. Some of the blog posts here are in Dutch, others are in English. Also see

Dag van de architectuur-skate

20 mei is het in Den Haag de Dag van de Architectuur. (In afwijking van de rest van het land, waar dit het weekeinde van 17 juni is.) Dit kunnen wij natuurlijk niet zomaar voorbij laten rollen, vandaar dat we met de Haagse Royal Skate Night op vrijdag 19 mei een mooie route van zo'n 24 kilometer langs een aantal archtectonisch interessante plekken gaan rollen op inline skates.

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Another day, another server

When I lost my previous server, I recreated my websites from a backup on a virtual machine running on an old laptop at home. After ironing out issues with the different software versions that worked well, but obviously this is not a great solution.

So as a permanent solution, I got a virtual private server over at transip. They're cheap and highly automated, so setting up and managing virtual server is really easy. I guess the fact that everything runs of off SSDs helps a lot, because my websites have never been faster.

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Server down—permanently

I'm not sure when exactly it happened, but a week or two ago my server that hosts this site as well as and went offline. This server has been running since 2005, so I wasn't too surprised. I assumed that either the server itself or the drive had finally given the ghost. So my plan was to collect it from the datacenter and see if could get the latest data from the drive.

Turns out, the people at Leaseweb removed and subsequently destroyed the server by accident.

So I took the long weekend to rebuild everything from backups. As is always the case, the backups turned out to be less comprehensive than expected, so I did lose some data, especially images. I'll be restoring some of those by hand, in some cases with lower resolution versions.

Everything is up and running on a temporary server now, but I want to find a good place to host a virtual server and then migrate everything there.

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Why now is not the time to jump ship on Apple’s Airport and Time Capsule

On the latest episode of hist podcast, John Gruber complains that Apple’s Airport Extreme and Time Capsule Wi-Fi base stations are woefully out of date and Apple needs to release improved/faster models. Which is not going to happen. However, now is not the time to jump ship and replace your Apple base stations with new and shiny ones from a different vendor.

Full article / permalink - posted 2017-01-14

USB-C dongles, adapters and cables (2)

I'll probably have more to say about some of these later, but here's my list of USB-C adapters, cables and other devices I've collected the past few weeks:

Full article / permalink - posted 2016-11-12

Some thoughts on USB-C cables

I did it: I ordered a new MacBook Pro.

So now I need a bunch of USB-C dongles and cables. Turns out that there's quite a bit to consider when shopping for USB-C cables. Here are some notes on what I learned.

Full article / permalink - posted 2016-10-30

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